IMG_0097Wynn Guthrie has a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting, and regrets not taking all the literature classes available to her in college. She lives on a farm in Southwest Virginia, where she opens gates, bottle-feeds calves, keeps the farm books, and hides in the bathroom when anybody needs a tractor driven, because she can’t sit on the seat and reach the pedals at the same time. Despite this problem, she is a human being of normal height who is becoming accustomed to the fact that two of her three offspring are taller than she is.

She makes a mean mac-and-cheese, sings with a local community chorus, prays a lot when her son is driving, and tries not to yell at her crazy dog too much. She sometimes wears a tiara to clean toilets.

She married the Boston Red Sox when she said “I do,” to her husband, so please be aware that any comments favoring the Evil Empire New York Yankees are subject to blowtorch deletion reluctant tolerance.

She intends to attend graduate school soon and is in the throes of application panic at the moment.