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Women’s Fiction Writers Association – cannot say enough good things about these peeps. The site is a forum and an informational repository, and – bonus, it’s fun.

Writers in the Storm – another really fun guide. It’s new to me – or, rather, I’m new to it, but everything I’ve read here has been an enjoyable lesson.

Helping Writers Become Authors – I love this one. Title’s a little bland, but the blog is definitely not; it’s full of personality and clear examples.

LiveWriteThrive – a blog for writers, with lots of how-tos and how-not-tos.



Not all of my favorite authors are represented here, largely because some of them don’t have sites, or their sites aren’t terribly interactive. (And I’ll be honest, some of them are dead, so there’s not much use connecting with them on Twitter.)

Joshilyn Jackson, Faster Than Kudzu.  The site isn’t very mobile friendly, but it’s worth seeking out on a full-screen device – because the blog, like the rest of Joshilyn’s writing, is hilarious. I can’t count the times I’ve laughed myself nearly sick over something here.

M. Allison Lea This writer is a friend, and I enjoy keeping up with her.

Kathryn Craft

Tad Williams. Love this guy’s stuff. I mean, LOVE. I haven’t been successful writing any fantasy, but that’s okay. For one thing, that’s not what my muse pushes me to write, and for another – well, there’s always JRR Tolkien and the Tadster. In fact, in my opinion Tad’s better than ol’ JRRT. (I always feel Tolkien could have used a good kick in the pants from a no-nonsense editor. “For crine-out-loud, JRR, it takes the hobbits way too darn long to get out of the Shire! It takes up the whole book! And Jeez Louise, man, Frodo and Sam wandering around in Mordor and NOTHING HAPPENING for what feels like months… just cut some stuff, dude. You have to kill your darlings.”)  Tad’s blog has not been updated in yonks, but I’m just so grateful that he’s writing a return to Osten Ard (the setting of his killer trilogy Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn) that I forgive him, and I include him here anyway.

I’m not including Alice Hoffman‘s site here (oh, wait, guess I just did) because she doesn’t blog. That’s okay too: less time blogging, more time to write novels.

More linky love to come, as I update this page!



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